Philosophy and Values

PDRI’s employees, their welfare and their concerns are very important to the success of the company. PDRI encourages a working environment based on mutual trust and confidence, to provide opportunities for individual effort and reward. Every employee is considered a member of our company team.

Our success as a company is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by each employee, and our policy is to work with all members of this team in a friendly manner and treat each team member with dignity and respect.

Our corporate Values that guide us in managing our business and drive our success are as follows:


We are proud to deliver the highest quality work and timely, responsive service.


We value honesty, and we align our actions and words to confront issues constructively, even when difficult to do so.


We make it our priority to meet our commitments to each other and to our customers.


We invest in ourselves, acquiring the capacity, expertise and resources we need to deliver excellence to each other and our customers.


We consider each other’s needs, help each other succeed and treat each other with respect and kindness.


We encourage innovation and pursuing work that excites us, as individuals and as a company.


We drive growth to stabilize and secure our future, and to provide staff with valuable opportunities to thrive, professionally and financially.