Career Management

Align Employee Development with Your Organizational Goals

PDRI’s integrated, competency-based Career Management services are designed to drive long-term individual and organizational success during a period of static or shrinking resources.

In a world where you are constantly pressed to “do more with less,” you simply cannot afford a single employee whose capabilities are not aligned with your organization’s needs. You require a lean, agile workforce dedicated to the strategic direction of your organization—employees who constantly hone their capabilities to drive organizational and career success. Your employees must clearly understand—and continuously develop—the competencies required for mission achievement and individual success.

Career Paths Aligned with Organizational Strategy

Competency-based career paths form the centerpiece of PDRI’s integrated Career Management systems. These paths are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction and provide roadmaps for employee success. The paths link to detailed information about the specific competencies required at each career stage, and the training and development experiences that will strengthen those competencies.

PDRI Career Management services include the following

  • Skills-gap analysis and identification of training needs
  • Career path development
  • Training design, development and implementation
  • Leadership development
  • Proficiency tests and certifications
  • Competency-based workforce planning and succession management

Competency-Based Career Management Drives Success

PDRI’s practical approach to tailored career management systems takes advantage of a knowledge base built over 35 years to produce integrated, technology-based suites of tools that drive long-term individual and organizational success.

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