Hiring and Assessment

Select the Talent Most Likely to Succeed

Return on investment studies demonstrate that PDRI assessments produce significant bottom-line outcomes including:

  • 90% reduction in time-to-hire
  • 50% reduction in turnover
  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 22% increase in revenue

Successful organizations identify, assess and hire those individuals most capable of succeeding on the job. The costs of a bad hire are extremely high in terms of lost productivity and the hidden expenses associated with recruiting and training new employees. Organizations must screen many applicants and cannot afford to make bad choices. Using valid and reliable assessments significantly improves the ability to make quality hiring decisions.

PDRI is a recognized industry-leading assessment provider. PDRI solutions improve hiring process efficiency, hiring outcome effectiveness and the security of assessments administered in unproctored settings.

Customized Assessments Evaluate Full Range of Skills for All Job Levels

PDRI has successfully developed, validated and delivered customized assessments and automated delivery solutions for numerous private and public sector clients. We are experts in the development of a variety of assessments including the following:

  • Automated Writing Assessments
  • Basic Ability Tests
  • Computer Adaptive Tests
  • Experience Inventories
  • Interviews
  • Interest Inventories
  • Knowledge Tests
  • Physical Ability Assessments
  • Simulations and Work Samples
  • Situational Judgment Inventories
  • Work Style Inventories

USA Hire: Assessments for Government Clients

OPM partnered with PDRI to develop USA Hire, a delivery platform with validated assessments for proctored and unproctored environments, specifically designed to meet the hiring needs of government agencies. Learn more.

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