Leadership Development

Ensure Your Leaders Are Ready

“It is likely that the number of federal leaders and managers who will retire in the next several years will exceed the number of qualified internal candidates ready to replace them.”
– OPM Projections

Leadership is one of the most significant drivers of business results. However, finding the right leaders and developing them remain challenging. Senior leader retirements, rapid advances in technology, and changing workforce demographics mean that new leaders must respond quickly to complex changes and achieve more results with fewer resources.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

PDRI’s Leadership Development solutions help you identify, select and prepare leaders:

  • Define whats needed for leaders to succeed in your organization; communicate clear expectations to current and aspiring leaders
  • Identify individuals with the most leadership potential so you can best invest your precious development resources
  • Assess and diagnose leadership strengths and development needs to create individual and organizational learning plans
  • Develop leadership adaptability and agility so your leaders will be ready to face the complex challenges of the future
  • Create innovative methods and automated tools to leverage on-the-job experiences and just-in-time learning, and maximize return on investment; capitalize on the 70 percent of learning that occurs on the job instead of in the classroom

Develop Leadership Skills that Drive Success

PDRI specializes in developing customized leadership solutions. By identifying and developing the leadership skills that drive results, PDRI helps organizations improve effectiveness and do more with less.

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