Organizational Design

Align Your Organizational Structure with Strategic Plans

Develop and execute the strategies needed to create a high-performance organization.

Do More with Less

  • Reorganize and transform operations to create a high-performing organization that continues to meet mission demands with fewer resources
  • Develop sound business strategies to support the transformation
  • Streamline operations and business practices to increase efficiency
  • Strategically shape the workforce to better meet mission demands
  • Develop effective succession management approaches to ensure the right leadership talent is available when needed to take on new challenges
  • Define organizational structures to support new operating strategies and workforce composition
  • Communicate and implement organizational changes in a clear and compelling manner to ensure buy-in and support

Organizational Design Aligns with Mission Requirements

PDRI blends science and practical experience to develop a customized approach to meeting these challenges. Using a rigorous evidence-based approach to understand organizational challenges and their root causes, PDRI develops targeted recommendations. PDRI’s approach to organizational design ensures that structure, people and work are aligned to meet mission requirements. PDRI’s full range of professional services includes expert consulting and design, development and implementation of tailored, technology-enabled solutions.