Performance Management

Transform Your Performance Management Process

PDRI is Taking a New, Bold Approach to Deliver the True Promise of Performance Management.

Performance management practices often fail to deliver in terms of developing high-performance organizations. Instead, employees and managers are burdened with increasingly complex systems that provide little value.

Transforming Performance Management to Drive Performance

The performance revolution is upon us.

Our approach to performance management — identified through 20 years of both practice and research, has identified a set of shifts which will help pave the way forward.

Customized Solutions for a High-Performance Culture

PDRI’s tailored solutions transform your performance management program by focusing on what matters most in building a high-performance culture. PDRI can help you:

  • Assess your current performance management process to understand what’s working and what can be improved
  • Design a streamlined system that allows you to meet legal requirements while minimizing administrative burden
  • Refocus your efforts on building a high-performance culture by improving leadership behaviors
  • Identify and select leaders with the necessary skills
  • Implement custom technology tools and training solutions that reinforce feedback and development

Performance Management Designed to Accomplish Mission Objectives

PDRI’s practical approach to tailored career management systems takes advantage of a knowledge base built over 35 years to produce integrated, technology-based suites of tools that drive long-term individual and organizational success.

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